Gr. Kinigat, Karnic Alps

Small and beautiful mountaineering villages to enjoy

The places brought together in the mountaineering villages initiative are all pioneers of Alpinism in their regions. It is no coincidence that in the mountaineering villages the awareness of the harmony between humans and nature is higher than in many other places. Alpinism in the mountaineering villages arose as part of the cultural self-image of its residents and guests, a self-image which it was possible to preserve and further develop over the generations.

The mountaineering villages warmly welcome you!

We are pleased to present you 20 exclusive Austrian mountaineering villlages.

The mountaineering villages ensure a professional tourist offer for mountaineers, feature excellent landscape and environmental quality and are committed to the preservation of local cultural and natural values.
Being Alpine competence centres, the Mountaineering Villages focus on responsibility, ability and sovereignty as well as the environmentally friendly and responsible behaviour of their guests in the mountains.


Markus Reiterer, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, in the mountaineering village St. Jodok, Schmirn- and Valsertal

About 15 journalists from all over the world followed the invitation of the Alpine Convention to the 8-day-long trip through the Alps – mainly with public transport – or by foot. On the 10th of July 2014 the group visited the Valsertal and the small and beautiful hut of Helga – Peters Kaser – where the members had the chance to taste fresh and self-made products from goat milk.

Markus Reiterer and Klaus Auffinger at Peters Kaser in the Valsertal Valley

Markus Reiterer, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, and Klaus Auffinger, manager of the protected Area Natura 2000, at Peters Kaser in the Valsertal Valley.

“Allianz in the Alps” – visit of the mountaineering vllage Ginzling im Zillertal

The annual meeting of “Allianz in the Alps” stayed this year in the Zillertal Valley. The members of the excursions on 27th of June 2014 to the village Ginzling had the chance to visit one of the most typical mountaineering village at all. All of them were impressed by the steep alpine pastures and the beauty of the small village, which is extremely different to the big ski resorts some km away.

Members of Allianz in the Alps in Ginzling in the Zillertal Valley

Members of "Allianz in the Alps" in Ginzling in the Zillertal Valley

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