Spring in the Styrian Krakau

Small and beautiful mountaineering villages to enjoy

The locations of the mountaineering villages initiative are hotbeds of Alpinism in their regions. Not by chance the awareness of harmony between humans and nature is there stronger than in many other places. Alpinism in this villages arose as a part of the cultural self-image of its residents and guests, a self-image which was preserved and further has developed over generations.
At this places natural limitations are respected. Less but better is the motto.
In this way the mountaineers villages perfectly join the targets of the Alpine Convention towards sustainable development.

The mountaineering villages warmly welcome you!

We are pleased to present you 20 exclusive Austrian mountaineering villlages.

The mountaineering villages ensure a professional tourist offer for mountaineers, feature excellent landscape and environmental quality and are committed to the preservation of local cultural and natural values.
Being Alpine competence centres, the Mountaineering Villages focus on responsibility, ability and sovereignty as well as the environmentally friendly and responsible behaviour of their guests in the mountains.

Lage GinzlingLage Großes WalsertalLage Grünau im AlmtalLage Hüttschlag im GroßarltalLage Johnsbach im GesäuseLage LesachtalLage Lunz am SeeLage MallnitzLage MaltaLage MauthenLage Reichenau an der RaxLage Sellraintal ValleyLage St. Jodok - Schmirn- und ValsertalLage Steinbach am AtterseeLage Styrian KrakauLage Tyrolean GailtalLage Vent im ÖtztalLage VillgratentalLage Weißbach bei LoferLage Zell-SeleLage Ramsau
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