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Steinbach am Attersee
culture and mountain landscapes on the Alpine beach

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What do Gustav Mahler, Gustav Klimt, Heimito von Doderer and Friedrich Gulda have in common? They are all icons of Austrian creative art, of course! And have become known and famous in Vienna, certainly! And moreover: they all had a special relationship with the village of Steinbach am Attersee. Klimt stayed here in the summer of 1914 in the Weissenbach forester's lodge, Doderer sought refuge in the immediate period after the second world war in the villa of his uncle, Mahler frequented his legendary composing cottage in the garde of what is now the Föttinger hotel, Gulda spent the last years of his life on his Weissenbach estate and partook in contemplation hardly distinguishable from the locals.

What is it that creates the fascination of the Attersee region? Is it the sheer size of the lake, which drives into the mountain surroundings of the Höllengebirge and Schafberg like a huge incision? Is it the awareness of the many celebrities who enjoyed and still enjoy the fresh summer days at the Attersee? Or the almost archetypal lake-shore architecture, with its sometimes bizarre balance between bathing houses as narrow as a towel and imperial villas from the founding era? Or perhaps it was the surprising wildness and remoteness of the high limestone mountains surrounding the southern end of the lake?


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