Ausblick vom Rax-Plateau

Reichenau an der Rax
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Particularities in the Reichenau an der Rax

Water pipeline museum Kaiserbrunn

Rax and Schneeberg are headwaters of the 1st Viennese water pipeline. Since 1873 the clear water runs to Vienna in a free fall.
The Kaiserbrunnquelle is the mouth of the water pipeline built between 1869 an 1873. Its name goes back to the Kaiserbrunn Emperor Karl VI, who discovered the spring when hunting and ordered to transport the water to Vienna in barrels by “water horsemen”.
In the museum you will get to know interesting things about the construction and the development history of the water pipeline and the modern water supply of the city of Vienna.

Raxs cable railway

From Hirschwang you will reach the oldest cable railway in Austria in only a few minutes. Five snow guard supports as well as the architecture of the valley and mountain station have still been preserved from the original plant.

Museum railway Payerbach - Hirschwang

As industrial railway it transported timber and iron from the Höllen valley to the Semmering railway throughout an entire century. With the emerging tourism the railway was electrified and equipped with two passenger coaches, which brought the summer tourists to the valley. After a longer standstill period now some coaches (in some cases) operate again. Now you will reach the local station Reichenau with the Diesel power of the south railway. From there you will continue with electric power to Hirschwang.

Höllen valley

The Schwarza divides the massifs of Rax and Schneeberg by a 15km-long gorge. The contradiction between the dark green shimmering watercourse and the grey-white Dolomite towers of the gorge slopes covered with pine trees is very impressive.


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