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Steirische Krakau
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The Krakau is is a high valley at the southern foot of the Tauernhauptkamm (Niedere Tauern), The altitude of the valley floor rises from 1,100 m in the east to 1,400 m in the west. The valley runs roughly in parallel with the Murtal. Several large trough valleys flow into it from the north, which arise in the main ridge of the Niedere Tauern. The surrounding mountain crests rise with their main peaks to over 2,700 m. The rock is composed mainly of gneisses and mica slate. Traces of embedded lime can also be found. In one of these limestone layers the famous cave of myths, the “Bischofsloch“ [Bishop's Hole] was formed on the Preber.

The _Kraka_u has a favourable climate: similar to neighbouring Lungau, it is considered to have an especially low rainfall but is very sunny at the same time, particularly in winter. The reason for this is a low level of fog, the result of good air circulation due to the east-west orientation of the valley.


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